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Once you have made a reservation transportation is confirmed. You have reserved a place on one of our vehicles. Reserving transportation for a specific time eliminates that space and time for A&B Shuttle to offer another passenger. There is a cancellation fee once the reservation has been confirmed. When a reservation is received and confirmed the fee to cancel is one half the fare if cancelled during reservation hours the day(s) prior to transportation. After that time the fee to cancel is the full fare.
Passengers arriving at the Shuttle Van (scheduled or unscheduled) between midnight and 4:00 AM are charged additional fare.


Many of our guests have inquired as to the appropriateness of offering a gratuity. As with any service you are provided, it is appropriate to offer a gratuity. Helping you with your luggage, ensuring your comfort and safety, attempting to ensure promptness, possessing dependability, showing courteousness, and being respectful all are traits worth rewarding. Current standards suggest twenty percent (20%) to be rewarding, but should be based on how well your chauffeur performed, please tip accordingly.


Each passenger is allowed two suitcases and one personal articles and/or makeup case. Additional suitcases are assessed a fee of $5.00 per bag.

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A&B Shuttle will monitor your flight for its exact arrival time. Whether your flight is on time or delayed you should see an A&B Shuttle van in the "commercial vehicle" traffic lane outside door "3." Door "3" is located next to the Avis rental car sales counter. Avis is located inside the terminal on the ground level in the middle of the building between the two luggage claim areas at Eppley Airfield. A&B Shuttle plans extra time for passengers to claim their checked-through luggage allowing up to 30 minutes for baggage retrieval. After claiming your luggage if you do not see your van outside door "3," please use the A&B Shuttle courtesy telephone, which, without dialing rings automatically and directly to our personnel. A&B Shuttle's courtesy telephone is located directly across the hall from Avis rental car sales counter in an area identified as "Ground Transportation." If you have not arrived at the Shuttle within twenty (20) minutes after your flight arrival at Eppley Airfield, your chauffeur will have you paged, and will check the luggage carousel where your luggage arrived after your flight. If you have not notified us of your non-arrival on your original flight, and you do not respond to the page and/or are not at the luggage claim area, your chauffeur will disengage. A&B Shuttle will have made every attempt to locate you, and will consider your reservation as completed.

If you are a "No-show" you are responsible for the charges for your reservation as though the transportation had been completed. It is our guest's responsibility to notify us in advance of changes to the original reservation, and to notify us if you want us to wait beyond 11:59 p.m. Please remember we will monitor your flight for it's arrival time into Omaha, and show up at the airport for your reservation.

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A&B Shuttle will monitor your flight for its exact arrival time. When flights arrive late causing our guest(s) to arrive at the van after 11:59 p.m. there is an additional charge of $6.25 per quarter hour, calculated until the drop-off time at your destination. Flights arriving after midnight (scheduled or unscheduled) are charged $6.25 per quarter hour until you reach your destination in addition to the predetermined zone rate for your area. If your flight is delayed beyond midnight, A&B Shuttle will leave Eppley Airfield unless you specifically authorize us to wait after 11:59 p.m. for your arrival. If you have prepaid for your arrival transportation, and due to complications with your airline (e.g., inclement weather, mechanical failure, waiting for crew, security delays, etc.) you are delayed beyond 11:59 p.m., A&B Shuttle, at it's discretion, will either carry a credit for your next ground transportation need, or give you a refund.

Telephone: 402-331-7558
Watts Line: 877-359-6624 Outside NE

Facsimile: 402-331-8408

Website: www.citywideride.com
E-mail: OmahaShuttle@aol.com

Advance Reservations Strongly Recommended
For telephone reservation service call:
402-331-7558 or Nationwide Toll Free: 877-359-6624

Monday thru Friday
8:00 AM till 5:00 PM Central

8:00 AM till 1:00 PM Central

Reservation Line is Closed

Facsimiles Captured and Read:
Monday- Friday........8:00 AM - to - 5:00 PM

Limited Service Provided on Major Holidays. Please call.

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